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AdvanTac Technologies manufactures the generation of military and law enforcement survival vests. These load-bearing garments have found their way into almost every theater of operation and meet the demands of the most diverse operational requirements.

Vest designs include a series of load bearing, multi-pocket, utility vests with the patented SnapTrack™ modular attachment system that allows easy reconfiguration for different missions and changing circumstances.  The Joint Services Aircrew Vest and Extraction System™ (JSAVES™) is an integrated vest and harness ensemble.  All vests are constructed from superior quality Raschel knit mesh and a high tenacity 600D polyester fabric. These materials are fire retardant to meet or exceed the requirements of FAR 25.853 and NFPA 701 (small scale). 

Joint Services Aircrew Vest and Extraction System™ (JSAVES™)


The JSAVES™ is a multifunctional load bearing tactical harness that has been specifically designed to provide interoperability among the various mission oriented tasks required and the operators/soldiers that perform them.

JSAVES™ has been designed to provide all services and commands with a low profile vest and harness system. This system provides placement of mission essential survival, evasion, medical, and rescue items for downed aircrew members, yet incorporates a full-body harness system that provides rescue/recovery lift extraction as well as restraint capability to the aircraft door gunners, rescue personnel, and load masters.

JSAVES™ consists of a full body extraction harness and separate, but integratable, vest with secure pockets. Other features include stowable leg straps, four-point sizing adjustment, and dual lift hardware attachment capability.

SnapTrack™ Vests


These vests, designed with the modular SnapTrack™ system, have been windblast tested at over 600 knots and ejection seat sled tested to Air Force standards. These vests have been developed to withstand extremes. Each vest is constructed from fire retardant materials capable of meeting the stringent burn standards of NFPA 701 (small scale) and FAR 25.853. Variations between the different pocket configurations for each vest center around mission specific requirements and command level compliance. 

The vests integrate with all flight clothing, extraction harnesses, parachutes, and chemical warfare ensembles. They fully integrate with several upgrade features including, but not limited to:

  • The Ace Arrest™ Rescue and Recovery Harness for pick up, rappelling, and load bearing

  • A flotation collar

  • Ace Advantage™ Composite Body Armor. 

More than 50 different pocket options are available for customizing vests.



The Air Ace™ vest platform is also available with the MOLLE webbing system and offers the full line of original SnapTrack™ pockets with MOLLE attachment in place of the track system. 

Police Vests
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