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CBRNE Processing

The patented CAPS™ is the most comprehensive and sophisticated decontamination processing system ever developed. It is a compact, self-contained, mobile, and air-transportable system that provides all the necessary components required for establishing a stand-alone Contamination Control Area (CCA). This standardized CBRNE decontamination platform consists of a main system and supplemental smaller kits and systems designed for interoperability.

CAPS™ has been developed for complete customization to meet the needs of individual agencies, while maintaining a general standardized processing ideology for those agencies to be able to combine resources and work together when catastrophe strikes.

When considering the diverse responsibilities, needs, and missions of converging entities, experience has proven that no one-size-fits-all solution is possible for every given scenario. Variances in protective clothing, training, and medical conditions of individuals can all influence equipment needs and system complexity.

CAPS™ consists of collections of modular equipment sets, using more than 200 tested and validated components, that can be configured to meet the needs of different organizations, including the United States military and Homeland Defense entities, National Guard Civil Support Teams, FEMA, DOJ, or other federal agencies, as well as the myriad of first responder organizations such as local fire, police, EMS and similar departments. CAPS™ can be effective for mass decontamination of large numbers of personnel safely and efficiently, while also being able to effectively decontaminate just a few personnel.

CAPS™ is now part of the CBRNE decontamination infrastructure for the United States. Based on the validated CAPS™ platform, specialty systems have been created that accommodate a wide range of end user applications, including Special Operations Command (SpecOps), bomb ordinance disposal teams, building entry control, and Hit and Runä kits designed for small specialized units.

Please contact us for more information on customized CBRNE processing platforms using CAPS™.

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