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Product Lines

AdvanTac Technologies manufactures advanced survival, rescue, life support and disaster preparedness products.  Our products have been designed to meet the demands of the most elite agencies on the planet.


Body Armor IIIA NIJ 06


AdvanTac Technologies has developed innovative, patent-pending lightweight body and moldable armor solutions that are optimized to meet specific threats and mass producible to meet the high-volume needs of the military. ARM-R™ combines the best principles of ballistic performance with the highest standards in ballistic materials. >


Mobility Shipping Crates ARC


AdvanTac Technologies offers a state-of-the-art, next generation, multi-functional mobile storage and delivery system. The Advanced Reconfigurable Container™ (ARC™) is the largest mobility bin, and its self-sufficient design includes incorporated lifting jacks, floor casters, and towing wheels. It has been uniquely designed to provide multi-functional uses by converting or transforming into several applications for the end user. >


Survival Tactical Vests SnapTrack


Vest designs include a series of load bearing, multi-pocket, utility vests with the patented SnapTrack™ modular attachment system or MOLLE system that allow easy reconfiguration for different missions and changing circumstances. >

Harness Systems

The JSAVES MOLLE system has been designed to provide all services and commands with a low profile vest and harness system. This system provides placement of mission essential survival, evasion, medical, and rescue items for downed aircrew members, yet incorporates a full-body harness system that provides rescue/recovery lift extraction as well as restraint capability to the aircraft door gunners, rescue personnel, and loadmasters. >

Survival Tools Military


Designed for some of the toughest customers on earth, the fire starters, signaling devices, and other accessory items contained in this section come with our unconditional support and extensive operational experience. >


The most sophisticated decontamination processing system ever developed. CAPS CBRIPS™ provides one layout that can accommodate all Air Force protective ensembles, including BDO, CPO, JFIRE, HAZMAT Level A, and Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD).. >