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Ultimate Survival Technologies is now AdvanTac Technologies

Ultimate Survival Technologies (UST) of Monroe, WA, has changed its name to AdvanTac Technologies. AdvanTac Technologies will continue to manufacture all of its existing product lines formerly manufactured under the name UST. AdvanTac Technologies will continue to serve its military and law enforcement/first responder markets, and is planning for new growth into the consumer marketplace with innovative products for outdoor recreation. The company's new website is  The company will be staying in its Monroe, Washington location and all other corporate information remains the same, including its General Services Administration contracts.

"Our new name, AdvanTac Technologies, was developed in order to more properly align our company brand with current opportunities and expanding product lines.  We are not only continuing the same product and customer support, but are also expanding our assets to provide new advanced gear for our warfighters, first responders, and outdoor enthusiasts. We are building a foundation for growth, and are looking forward to expanding our platform of unique tactical, survival, life support and outdoor products," says Chris Venti, owner and President.  

The Ultimate Survival Technologies brand name is now owned by Revere Supply out of Florida. Revere bought the rights and assets of the commercial/outdoor recreation division for the UST Survival Tools product line in January of this year. Commercial orders for UST survival tools and kits should be directed to Revere.

AdvanTac Technologies is a manufacturer of chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and high-yield explosive (CBRNE) defense systems, anti-ballistic and impenetrable barriers, load-bearing rescue/extraction vests, mobility/asset protection systems, and other tactical equipment. AdvanTac manufactures Ace Advantage™ body armor, Air Ace™ vests, JSAVES™ load-bearing harness systems, the Advanced Reconfigurable Container™ (ARC™) mobility system, the Protective Thermal Undergarment™ (PTU™), and the Contaminant Air Processing System™ (CAPS™).

Keri Kliemann
Director of Marketing
206-965-9660 x 105

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