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CAPS Lighting Support Package

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The Lighting Support Package consists of ten all-weather lighting tubes, a 3250-watt generator, ten 50-foot electrical cords, and a tri-tap cord coupler. The patented lighting tubes are waterproof, energy-saving fluorescent lights encased in a rugged butyrate housing. The housing material and neoprene rubber ends prevent damage to the components, breakage, and electrical shock. Power cords are included to run the lights connected across the entire length of the CCA/ACCA. Two steel hanger hooks are included with each light for hanging them from Racks, Shelters, Showers, Sign Support Stanchions, and other CAPSTM components. The innovative tube and housing design uses rubber ends and shock absorbers to create a durable light that can be dropped from heights up to five feet without breaking. The Turn-Tite® plug-in attachments are water resistant and designed for all outdoor weather applications. The lights come with a covered flip seal that prevents dirt, water, and other foreign objects from getting inside. The gas-powered generator is of commercial/industrial grade and provides for efficient and dependable power. It comes with a 1-gallon fuel tank and wheels for easy mobility.

The CCA/AW Lighting Tubes are made from the finest electrical components and protective housing materials. All lights and components are tested and approved by Factory Mutual Laboratories and all plug-in attachment fixtures are UL listed and certified for outdoor use. The materials used in the generator are specifically designed for outdoor/all-weather operation.

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