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CBRNE Processing
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  CBRNE Processing
  Performance and Testing

Tested and validated, CAPS™ components are designed for maximum decontamination processing speed and performance. All systems contain:

  • Custom racking systems for holding and storing removed gear
  • Hazardous waste collection and disposal apparatus
  • Security augmentation components
  • Contaminant containment applicators
  • Decontamination and neutralization agents, applicators, and collection equipment
  • Contaminant containment collection equipment
  • Specially-designed, lightweight, collapsible and enclosed vented shelters with special containment floors
  • Specially-designed gear removal and storage tools
  • Protective gear storage and dispensing equipment
  • Training and instruction guides

Other CAPS™ models include:

  • Water delivery and gray water containment systems
  • Patient transfer conveyors for injured personnel
  • Compressed gas cylinders
  • High volume blower fan
  • Advanced electrical support system
  • Weapons clearing, safety, and control components

To respond to the significant global threat of the use of CBRNE weapons, CAPS™ is a vital component. The advantages CAPS™ offers all First Responders, Law Enforcement Agencies, Medical Facilitaties and the United States Military are equally applicable to many other services and to the broad civilian market, in which standardization of processing is critical.


CAPS™ has been developed for complete customization to meet the needs of individual agencies...


CAPS user-friendly components have been developed for quick set up with limited personnel without the need for tools or complicated instructions...

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CBRNE Processing
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