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  CBRNE Processing
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CAPS™ has been developed to meet the needs of individual agencies by being completely customizable. It allows various agencies to be able to combine resources and work together when catastrophe strikes while maintaining the integrity of a general standardized processing ideology.

Experience has proven that a one-size-fits-all solution is not possible for every given scenario, especially when considering the diverse responsibilities, needs, and missions of converging organizations and responding units. The individual variances in the type of protective clothing, training, and medical conditions of each organization, influences the equipment needs and system complexity. CAPS™ successfully accommodates all these variances.

CAPS™ consists of collections of modular equipment sets. With more than 200 tested and validated components, CAPS™ can be configured to meet the needs of many different organizations, including all First Responder Organizations such as local fire, police, EMS and other departments, as well as the United States military and Homeland Defense entities, National Guard Civil Support Teams, FEMA, DOJ, or other federal agencies. CAPS™ can effectively decontaminate a large numbers, or just a few personnel, safely and efficiently.

Based on the validated CAPS™ platform, specialty systems have been created that accommodate a wide range of end user applications, including:

  • Special Operations Command (SpecOps)
  • Bomb Ordinance Disposal teams
  • Building Entry Control
  • Hit and Run™ kits designed for small specialized units.

CAPS™ is now part of the CBRNE decontamination infrastructure for the United States.

Please contact us for more information or for customized questions regarding CBRNE processing platforms using CAPS™.




CAPS™ has been developed for complete customization to meet the needs of individual agencies...


CAPS user-friendly components have been developed for quick set up with limited personnel without the need for tools or complicated instructions...

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