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Performance and Testing


  CBRNE Processing
  Performance and Testing

CAPS™ has been tested thoroughly at NATO exercise and various military bases in the United States and overseas. With regards to durability, processing output, mobility, ease of CCA establishment, and other crucial areas, CAPS™ has been held to extremely high standards of performance. CAPS™ has been demonstrated to be the most effective and versatile decontamination system ever developed.

Pacific Air Forces (PACAF), conducted real-world combat exercises, in which CAPS™ completely processed 78 personnel in one hour.  Additional performance tests demonstrated the following:

  1. Time to relocate entire system: under one hour.
  2. Time to set up and deploy system: fewer than 40 minutes.
  3. Time to disassemble and recrate entire system: fewer than 30 minutes. 

As outlined in the following chart, the CAPS™ validated test performance results are compared with the current processing system used by USAF ground crew. The tests verify that CAPS™ equipment and procedures, used in combination, produce dramatic improvements in throughput rates and safety of personnel.

Measure Baseline Performance CAPS™ Performance Improvement with CAPS™
CCA Throughput Rate 22/hour 78/hour 255% faster
Contamination Transfer Rate 35.70% 4.65% 87% safer

At the 2001 NATO "Toxic Trip" conference held in Portugal, Belgium, CAPS™ was once again demonstrated with outstanding success. A group from the United States and a group from Belgium were asked to process a group of processees made up of United States and NATO aircrew members. The United States team, which used the CAPS™ equipment and procedures, processed the eight aircrew members in 26 minutes. The Belgium team, which used processing equipment and procedures representative of most NATO nations took more than two hours to process the same eight individuals.

Another endorsement of the quality of the system, CAPS™ has been incorporated into a Restoration of Operations Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration (RestOps) at Osan Air Base in Korea. It has also been employed at in a joint services exercise at Kadena Air Base in Japan. In both of these exercises, CAPS™ was used successfully to process both U.S. Army and USAF personnel.


CAPS™ has been developed for complete customization to meet the needs of individual agencies...


CAPS user-friendly components have been developed for quick set up with limited personnel without the need for tools or complicated instructions...

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