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1) Minimally complex for maximum ease-of-use in the field and requires less manpower and resources
CAPS™ has been specifically created to optimize the efficiency of the CCA establishment. The user-friendly parts and systems have been developed for easy and quick set up with limited personnel without requiring tools or complicated instructions.

2) Optimized for processing faster and more efficiently while increasing effectiveness and safety
All CAPS™ systems use the same logical sequencing of components and procedures that reduce the problems, confusion, and bottlenecks that are typically associated with most home-grown processing systems.

3) Standardized, allowing interoperability among users
Among United States military units, Coalition Partners, Civil Response and Homeland Defense agencies, standardization is one of the most important aspects of interoperability. The development of CAPS™ provided needed interoperability by standardizing all equipment, procedures, and training. CAPS™ components can be easily arranged into systems that best serves the needs and applications of the end user. CAPS™ can be scaled up or down, as appropriate, without compromising the advantages of standardization.

4) Self-contained, requiring no additional support tools
CAPS™ offers a "CCA in a box" technology by incorporating all the necessary components for conducting a processing line in a remote area or bare base location. Included in this unique system are large volume water bladders, generators, and lighting systems. The CAPS™ system is completely self sufficient and can be established without requiring any additional equipment as all components can be erected and collapsed without the need for tools.

5) Capable of complete integration with over-pressurized or hardened shelters
CAPS™ has been shown to increase significantly the speed with which personnel can be processed before being permitted into an over pressurized shelter. In the common situation, where collective protection capacity is extremely limited or not available at all, CAPS™ is the most effective stand-alone open-air processing solution available.

6) Compact and easily transportable
CAPS™ has been designed to be exceptionally strong yet sufficiently lightweight and compact to be easily transported by air. A complete CAPS™ fits into crates that use less than one-fourth of an air mobility pallet. The system can also be transported in the back of a standard pickup, or towed in its own specially designed wheeled shipping system called the Advanced Reconfigurable Container™ (ARC™).


CAPS™ has been developed for complete customization to meet the needs of individual agencies...


CAPS user-friendly components have been developed for quick set up with limited personnel without the need for tools or complicated instructions...

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