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The Ace Arrest™ Rescue, Restraint, and Recovery Harness and the Joint Services Aircrew Vest and Extraction System (JSAVES) both feature stowable leg straps, multi-point adjustment, extraction capability, and interoperability between other UST products.  The adjustability and functionality features are designed for such applications as an aircrew survival vest retention harness, a rescue and recovery extraction harness, an aircraft/helicopter open door restraint harness, and a fully functional rappelling harness.  These harnesses are constructed from superior quality webbing material and a high tenacity 600D polyester fabric. These materials are fire retardant to meet or exceed the requirements of FAR 25.853 and NFPA 701 (small scale). 

JSAVES™ has an integrated, low profile, load-bearing vest that incorporates equipment-specific pockets.  This system provides placement of mission essential medical, and rescue items and incorporates a full-body harness system that provides rescue/recovery lift extraction as well as restraint capability to the rescue other personnel.

The Ace Arrest™ is a multi-functional, load bearing harness assembly.  Ace Arrest™ provides law enforcement professionals and first responders with a wide spectrum of mission and job application diversity. The Ace Arrest™ integrates well with both the Air Ace™ Aircrew Survival Vest and the Ace Advantage™ Composite Body Armor.


The Ace Arrest™ Harness is a multi-functional, load bearing harness assembly. The adjustability and design features of the harness allow it to be used for...


The JSAVES™ (Joint Services Aircrew Vest and Extraction System™) is a multifunctional load bearing tactical harness that has been specifically designed ...

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