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Mobility Containers

Ultimate Survival Technologies offers a state-of-the-art, next generation, multi-functional mobile storage and delivery system. The ARC™ is a collapsible, reconfigurable, and self-contained shipping system which is constructed of a nearly unbreakable composite material called ProWall®. The patent-pending technology incorporated into building the ARC™ provides law enforcement and first responder’s with dependable storage and transportation of goods, while containing features which provide multi-functionality when not in use.

All systems use a proprietary, state-of-the-art material called ProWall®. ProWall® is a sophisticated lightweight thermoplastic structural formulation that combines continuous fiberglass fibers in a hybrid thermoplastic matrix. It is extremely resilient against impact, shock, and is resistant to aircraft fuels, hydraulic fluid, mildew, and ultra-violet light. This fire retardant container meets the FAA burn test requirements of FAR25.853 and FAR 25.855.

The Advanced Reconfigurable Container™ (ARC™) is the original mobility container and led the way for the development of the latest in mobility technology. The ARC™ is the largest mobility bin, and its self-sufficient design includes incorporated lifting jacks, floor casters, and towing wheels. It has been uniquely designed to provide multi-functional uses by converting or transforming into several applications for the end user.

From the ARC™ evolved the Genesis™ and Cubit™. The Genesis™ is a smaller version of the ARC™, and has been designed to address the size requirements of a 463L air cargo pallet. The Cubit™, a smaller container that can be housed inside the ARC™ or Genesis™, has been designed to organize and separate contents into more manageable loads. All systems and accessories are highly interoperable with each other.


The Advanced Reconfigurable ContainerTM (ARCTM) is a state-of-the-art multi-functional mobile storage and delivery system. This patent-pending technology provides dependable transport and storage, while containing features which provide multi-functionality when not in use.


The Cubit™ is designed to fit and stack within both the ARC™  & Genesis™.


Allows deploying personnel the ability to completely utilize a standard 463 L air cargo pallet.


ARC Base Floor, Jack Assembly, Tow Bar, Clevis Hitch, Base, Lid and many more accessories...


The ARC™, without the added weight of jacks, wheels, or towing hardware.

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