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Civilian and Recreation

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Originally designed for the world's most elite agencies operating in the toughest conditions on earth, Ultimate Survival Technologies has camping gear now available for all you outdoor enthusiasts, whether you backpack and go hiking on the weekend or you are fanatical about mountain climbing. Ultimate Survival Technologies has the easiest and most reliable fire starters, tinder that burns while wet, signaling devices that won’t scratch or break, and hand chainsaws that make light work of tough wood.  Our essential, and potentially lifesaving accessories will have you showing off for friends.  Next time you venture into the wild make sure you are prepared with top of the line camping gear from Ultimate Survival Technologies. These tools exceed the highest standards for both workmanship and dependability.



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Aqua Survival Kit
The Aqua Survival Kit contains all of the components of the original Deluxe Kit in a watertight carrying case.  This compact kit is lighter and can be submerged up to 15 feet.

StarFlash Mirror
The StarFlash® signal mirror is unbreakable, scratch resistant, and it floats! The trademarked aiming technology helps you to pinpoit a flash on your target dozens of miles away.
Deluxe Survival Kit
Whatever you do outside, these premier recreational, safety and survival tools can simplify your life every day. Includes fire starter, tinder, mirror, whistle and case...
BlastMatch Fire Starter
The world's finest one-handed fire starter is compact, lightweight, and operates in all conditions.
StrikeForce Fire Starter
Our two-handed fire starter gives you blazing hot sparks in all weather conditions...
WetFire Tinder
Our all-weather fire starting tinder is environmentally safe, non-toxic, and burns longer when wet...
JetScream Whistle
Personal protection and safety for your family - you get a lot of noise from this little package...
SaberCut Saw
Our hand-operated chain saw needs no fuel and features bi-directional, self-cleaning cutting teeth. Includes custom carrying case...
Sparkie Fire Starter
Coming Soon!  Sparkie™, the newest fire starter from Ultimate Survival Technologies, features convenient one-handed operation in a lightweight, compact design.  Sparkie weighs less than 1 ounce!
This ultra-light kit contains what you need to start a fire and signal for help.  At only 2.4 ounces, everyone should carry this kit when they go outdoors!
WetFire Stove

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